About me!

Hey there! Welcome to my crafty Avenue! I’m Sara, the face behind this page! I’m a mom of two beautiful girls, I’m an architectural designer by trade, but I go by a crafter and maker of things now!


In architectural school, I loved creating physical models the most. So, I love to think that I had the crafty gene all along! 


When I was in corporate, I started picking up hobbies to wind down after a long day. I started with acrylic paint and acrylic paint pouring. Then, I learned about resin and how to make art with it, and eventually I found myself a Cricut machine owner! If you’re a Cricut crafter, you probably know where this is going, right? Yes, that’s correct, I fell down a rabbit hole of all the possible Cricut crafts, then sublimation, and most recently, laser crafts!! 

Through out this journey, I learned that my passion is simplifying steps to teach YOU how to make all these crafting projects! So, while I love to create and craft, I enjoy it more when I share it all with you! I find joy in helping and inspiring you to create, and I explain more below 🙂

the story behind this blog

About 4 years ago, I hit one of the darkest times of my life, and I felt that I have no purpose in life. I was extremely lost and alone. Then, 2020 rolls in, and the Pandemic hit! I gave birth to my second daughter at the beginning of the Pandemic, and it was truly the hardest time of my life!

After a year or so of sleep deprivation,  I tried to get back into making art in hopes it’ll help me through these dark times. Sometimes, it worked and other times it didn’t, but eventually I’m glad I stuck around.

Since crafting was the creative outlet that I needed for my mental health, I vowed to teach those around me because I know everyone could use a creative outlet! I started posting on social media, and when I found that my tutorials were valuable to others, the self-doubting voice in my head was down a little! Eventually, crafting along with therapy saved my life! 


In my healing journey, I learned to accept and embrace myself. Instead of overthinking, and questioning every step, I decided to finally do what I love!



I have always loved exploring different crafts, and trying new mediums! So, I decided to a One Craft Avenue; this will be the avenue for everything crafty! 

Since I love teaching you along, I’ll do my best to share my knowledge of every craft I know, one craft at a time! So, on this craft Avenue, you’ll find different craft stops, and I hope you like it! I hope you get inspired to create and make new things. Please remember that you are beautiful, worthy, and loved!


Thank you for being here! 

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